100% Natural Geothermal Spring Water

The Natural properties and Minerals found in Rising Springs help to support:

  • Healthy skin and hair
  • Increased energy
  • Healthy digestion
  • Anti-aging for healthy bones, cartilage, and collagen-production.
  • Detoxification
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Revitalize & Restore


100% Pure

Protected for centuries, the water flows to the surface with a natural purity, completely free of all manmade contaminants.


Natural Mineral Supplement

Rushing through miles of silica quartz crystals, the water absorbs essential minerals on its 2.2 mile journey to the surface.


Natural Alkalinity

Rising Springs has a natural pH of 9.4. One of the few spring sources to have a naturally alkalinity.

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Endorsements from Experts You Can Trust

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Healthy & Longevity Benefits

Flowing through 2.2 miles of naturally occurring silica, a mineral scientifically proven to enhance your health and longevity.

Rising Springs literally promotes wellness from the inside out.

Rising Springs Strong Bones
Strong, Healthy Bones

Silica is actually more critical than calcium for building bones. And it’s essential for healing and recovery if you have any kind of bone issues (like osteoporosis) or bone/joint injuries (a fracture, pulled muscle, dislocated joint).

Rising Springs Beautiful Skin
Beautiful, Youthful Skin

Silica is essential for the production of collagen. More silica means more collagen, which means less wrinkles and tighter, firmer skin. BEAUTY BONUS: SIlica also keeps nails, teeth and hair strong and healthy!… Rising Springs really is a real life Fountain of Youth!

Rising Springs Studio
Optimal Joint Health

Silica helps keep joints lubricated, as well as more resilient. This means you can have greater flexibility and can recover more quickly from workouts and injuries. Enough silica can also reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms.

Rising Springs Deep Cleansing
Deep Cleansing & Detox

If you want to get rid of heavy metals and other toxins from your body, turn to silica as part of your detox routine. That’s because it’s especially good at binding to contaminates and removing them from the body!

Rising Springs Memory Improvement

Another magical benefit of silica is that it helps improve connective tissue in the brain, therefore improving memory. It may also help prevent Alzheimer’s and memory loss by helping rid the body of aluminum (which has been linked to cognitive decline).

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Experience a Deeper Source of Wellness

About The Rising Springs Source

  • 100% NATURAL GEOTHERMAL SPRING WATER – live, unprocessed, and unfiltered.
  • TESTED PURE TO PARTS PER QUADRILLION – free from all manmade contaminants, like dissolved pharmaceuticals and petroleum byproducts.
  • NEVER DISINFECTED, chlorinated, or stripped of its natural goodness.
  • Protected by dense granite in the Sawtooth Forrest, the spring has remained FLAWLESSLY PURE FOR CENTURIES.
  • Packaged at the source, and delivered to your door JUST AS NATURE INTENDED IT TO BE.
Rising Spring Source

You Only Need 24oz a Day

  • NATURALLY ALKALINE WITH A PH OF 9.4 – counteracting acidity in our bodies
  • CONTAINS NATURALLY OCCURRING SILICA – the building block of collagen and all connective tissue in the body
  • NUTRITIONALLY BENEFICIAL MINERALS, like naturally occurring fluoride, calcium and potassium
  • Redox potential of -155 to -144. This means Rising Springs has the CAPACITY TO ACT AS AN ANTIOXIDANT
  • DEUTERIUM DEPLETED at 135 – supporting overall health and wellness
  • 100% STRESS-FREE, HASSLE-FREE, GUILT-FREE. Rising Springs is delivered to your door in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging


PH Level

With naturally alkaline which counteracts acidity in our bodies


Redox Potential

This means Rising Springs has the capacity to act as an antioxidant



Rising Springs supports overall health and wellness



Rising Springs is delivered to your door in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

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Our Commitment to Sustainability


Our 5 Liter box offers the most volume with the least impact. The recyclable, sustainable packaging has a very low carbon footprint. We also offset 100% of the carbon produced as the box ships to you.


Rising Springs annually offsets the company’s carbon through impactful programs like the Ocean Foundation’s SeaGrass Grow and Colorado Grasslands.


Close the loop by recycling & returning empty bags to us for a second life as regenerative synthetic diesel.


Rising Springs donates 2% annually to organizations like the Snake River Waterkeeper, protectors of water quality and fish habit in Southern Idaho.


Our 10,000 square foot plant facility is heated by renewable geothermal power.


We focus on transparent accountability, community engagement, regenerative philanthropy, and minimizing environmental impact.

The Rising Springs Source House

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